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Video chat

  • What is videochat?

    In our network, you can use videochat: videochat lets you talk «live» to other users. You'll need a web camera and a microphone to use this service.

  • How to chat using videochat

    If the person you want to talk to has a web camera and a microphone, and they are online, you can invite them to videochat. Go to the profile of the person you want to talk to, click «Or» next to «Message», and then select «Invite to videochat».

    The user will receive an invitation. If he/she accepts, a videochat window will appear on both your screens. If he/she declines your invitation, you'll receive a notification.

    Before videochat is launched on your screen, a window may pop up with a request to allow the program to access your web camera and microphone. To start chatting, you must click «Allow».

  • Potential problems with videochat and how to solve them

    Blank window, no screen or controls.

    1. Install the latest version of flash player.
    2. If you have enabled an «ad blocker» (such as: AdMuncher, AdKiller, Adremover), please disable it.

    There is a videochat window, but the upper right mini-screen doesn't display any images.
    1. Please check that the camera works and is not being used by another application such as Skype. If it is being used by another application, please switch the application off.
    2. Click «Settings» and select «Camera», in the list, if it is there.

    There is a videochat window, but I can't see the person I'm talking to.
    1. Please check the person you're talking to has carried out all the steps in paragraph 2.
    2. Check the firewall, and make sure it is not blocking incoming UDP connections.

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